Why the photo box should not be missing at any event?

Boredom is forbidden on good events. With  funny "photo shoots" in front of the box, it is certainly not. That's why our photo box usually has an irresistible appeal.

  • Randomizer for dynamic expressions (alternating elements and backgrounds)
  • User input which will be printed on the photo (virtual businesscard, flirtcard, ...)
  • Several paper formats simultaneously usable - standard 5x15cm photo stripes and 10x15cm postcard size
  • Snapchat face masks
  • 2nd screen for Email, Facebook, Twitter, ... shipping
  • Raffle Features
  • Questionnaires to fill out
  • Newsletter E-mail addresses
  • LED lighting effects in desired colour
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Guest can send by email photos in the machine for printing
  • APP with various print functions (Spring 2018)


  • Sticker printing (eg heart shape, round, ...)
  • Green screen
  • 2. Printer for higher printing speed or other paper sizes (up to 20x30cm)
  • Facemorphing (facial replacement)
  • External tablet PCs for social media, competitions, email, Facebook, ... which access the photos in the machine


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PALAIS WERTHEIM at Schwarzenbergplatz | Canovagasse 1a, 1010 Vienna

The Wertheim Palace on Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna com-bines Viennese chic with Berlin style. The flexible event area, which is divided into three halls, a reception area and various ancillary areas, is air-conditioned, equipped with extremely high-quality sound and lighting systems and an approximately 8 sq.m video wall and creates the perfect location for every type of event.

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